Tiffany Andrews Engages Chamber Members with Her Facebook Know How

Many thanks to Tiffany Andrews for teaching our members valuable aspects of Facebook to help improve their business.


Tiffany opened with statics:

  • 153 Million People on Facebook
  • 93 Million on Instagram
  • Over 3 Million Small Businesses Advertise on Facebook.

First, Tiffany suggest you go directly to your Facebook page insights. Find out your:

  • Demographic: Target your post to the demo you want to reach.
  • Find out what time your fans are on Facebook. Then post at those times for better reach and engagement.

Using these insights you can determine your message and when to post on Facebook.

So What Is A Good Post?

A good post combines the following elements:

  • Use a vivid photo
  • Use Hash Tags
  • Describe your item. Less is more.
  • Be clever
  • Show a call to action (ex. Give your phone number)
  • Using before and after photos
  • Video (100 Million People Watch Facebook Videos)
  • Drive fans to your website

What’s Engaging?

Use your Insights to find out which Facebook post is the most engaging and use that knowledge to post similar content.

Be Sneaky

Look at your “Pages to Watch” in Facebook Insights to see what your competition is doing.

Post Things Your Fans Will Respond To

Using all the elements mention before, you still need to post content your fans will respond to.

Finish Your Profile

There’s nothing worse than visiting a Facebook Business page and the profile information isn’t completed. This is one of the easiest way to tell your story and help visitors understand your business.

Facebook Check-In

Encourage Facebook Check-In by offering discounts or free gifts for checking in. You could put a sticker in the door to remind visitors to check-in. Create a post about it and ask for reviews. However, make sure you always respond to reviews.


Who Attended?

Melissa Duke, Blackwater, LLC
Nancy Inserra, Blackwater, LLC
Catherine Johnson, SB Turf and Mulch – April Membership Spotlight
Dan Fuller, Waccamaw Indians
Kelli Johnson, Seed Slingers
Tonya Moore, Seed Slingers
Tony Godsey, Town of Aynor
C. Scott Johnson, Palmetto Insurance
Cindy Wilson, Town of Aynor & Aynor Inn
Michael McCracken, Aynor High School
Paulette Johnson, Truman Johnson Crop Insurance