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By joining the Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce you tap into a great network of local businesses and have opportunities to get involved with this very special town.

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FREE Web Page

When you join, your business will receive a free business listing on our website. Use your free business listing to showcase your business.This holds great value, especially if you don’t have a company website. Your free listing includes:

  • your logo
  • your marketing message up to 500 characters
  • a few of your choice photos

Creating a website can cost countless dollars, but with your membership, you receive a one page website to promote your business in any way you want!

If you already have a website, your business listing will include a link to your website. If you have ever tried to advertise online you know linking to your website always cost extra. We charge you nothing. The Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce can help drive traffic to your website.


Raise your reputation through the Aynor chamber of commerce membership.

Educational Programs.

The Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce meets for lunch at the Aynor Town Hall. Though the value of connecting and networking with local business owners is priceless, the small amount of money for a membership does have a return on your investment with our professional skill building programs.


Each month you will receive updates of upcoming events and membership spotlights and town happenings.

Monthly Business Spotlight

Right now, we randomly feature all our paid memberships on our website. So your chances are already high that someone will see your business when visiting our website. However, we will be promoting all members of the Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce on our Facebook page, email marketing and website.

Each month we send out invitations and reminders of our monthly programs to over 155 recipients. In those emails, the member of the month will be featured. We also post the spotlighted member to Facebook. Currently we have over 1000 followers on Facebook (an 11% increase from last year) and each of our post reach have doubled since last year (200 person reach).  Imagine 200 people seeing your business in their news feed with a link to your personal business listing. Last but not least, the home page and business directory will feature the business of the month.

Become A Member


The Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce host the Annual Christmas Parade. With your membership, the entry fee is only $10 per entry. Non-members will pay $25 per entry. You also get free admission to our monthly programs. Non-membership fee is $5.

Membership Package

In addition to the monthly programs, networking events, discount entry fees, and business spotlight opportunities, you will receive a membership package that will include your chamber sticker and chamber goodies.

Get involved

The Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get involved with community events and when you volunteer it’s more than just giving back. The skills you learn from organizing events, putting together budgets, working with other and running the Chamber like a business will help you in your business ventures. It will improve your professional skills.

Contributions to the Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. Dues investment payments are deductible by most members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. All applications are subject to approval by the Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.expense.