Board Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting

When: 4/24/18
Location: Aynor Town Hall

Board Members
Present: Cheryl Collins, Nancy Inserra, Paulette Johnson, Jeremy Johnson

Others Present
Kenneth Thompson, Josh Hardwick, Catherine Johnson, Scott Johnson, Jody Nyes, Dianne Pate


  • Meeting called to order at 7:33 am by President, Jeremy Johnson. March minutes were approved.


  • Voted to increase membership dues to $75 for Business and $50 for Individuals. Membership runs from March to March.
  • Deadline for renewal letter was set to 5/8/18. Dianne Pate to send out.
  • Membership Drawing – Pulling in May once renewals come in.
  • Membership Value
    • The board and attendances talked about how to bring value to the chamber. We implemented a new committee with Catherine Johnson as chair called the Member Discount Committee. It’s purpose to find member to member discounts, door prizes or any kind of discount we can offer our members. Will create a discount page on the website, a flyer for the membership package and communicate thru email, social media and text.
    • Mr. Thompson shared information about an Office Depot discount given to all chambers. A discussion came up to create membership cards to show to receive discount.
    • Ribbon Cutting for new business is something we are current working on for the the Golden Pharamacy.
    • Business After Hours is something we may explore down the road. Currently we are struggling with participation. Once we get those numbers up then we can explore.
    • Lunch and Learn. Reboot the lunch and learns from before
    • Need more volunteers

Old Business

  • Voted to have board meetings at 7:30 am moving forward. We will also have the meeting at the Senior Citizen’s Center from June on.
  • Golden Market Dates were determined to be every Saturday from 9am-12pm starting June 2nd and ending July 7th.

Upcoming Events

  • Forth of July event is July 7th. Will be similar to last year with Bernie Britt Band returning.

New Business

  • Breakfast Sponsors: Palmetto Insurance is sponsoring the coffee and donuts for our May Board meeting. Aynor Family Dentist is sponsoring June Meeting. Chamber will handle getting coffee and donuts and set up table at meeting. Sponsors can bring swag to put on table. Chamber will provide advertising of sponsorship on the website, emails, facebook, text message and sponsor sign on table.

Meeting adjourned at 8:34 am
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Paulette Johnson