Board Meeting Minutes – 8/29/17

Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting

When: 8/29/17
Location: Aynor Town Hall

Board Members
Present: Cheryl Collins, Nancy Inserra, Paulette Johnson
Absent: Jeremy Johnson

Others Present
Tony Godsey, Dianne Pate, Sally Collins


  • Meeting called to order at 9:33 am by VP-Cheryl Collins


  • Paulette explained the Chamber’s membership recruitment efforts and the communication outlets we use:
    • Facebook
    • Email
    • Renewal Letters and Invoices
    • Website – Membership Directory, online application, event calendar, news, Membership Spotlight
  • Membership package – Nancy made MOTION to approve money to reimburse Paulette from earlier this year to create membership packages. Cheryl seconded and passed.
  • Chamber swag: PJ to research chamber decal and promotional items like pens for membership package and give aways.
  • Membership renewal invoices were sent out.
  • Paulette made a MOTION to approve paid members as of 8/29/17.  Cheryl seconded and passed.

Harvest Hoe Down

  • Chamber to sell bags and t-shirts for Golden Market as well as promote the chamber.
  • Sally Collins to design a Aynor shirts to sell with train image on back and Aynor on the front. One color. She will also design a car window decal. Proof of artwork to be emailed to board for approval. Prices to be emailed to board for approval via email.
  • Tent purchased by Dianne Pate already. Dianne to purchase banner for tent that says “Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce”.
  • Paulette to create membership recruiting Point of Sale for booth. Will include application and “why join” table top tent.
  • Dianne to order t-shirts. Decision was made to not sell kids shirts at this time of Aynor/Train T-shirts. Ordering L and XL for only.

Christmas Parade – First Saturday of December

  • Dianne to send complete information about the Christmas Parade to Paulette. Including: updated application, event information, route and etc, Paulette will update website, Facebook and schedule emails to Chamber list.
  • Paulette to call Scott Johnson about Event Insurance. Question on whether we can have horses.
  • Questions about entry fee. Need to finalize.
  • Everyone agreed to offer trophies or ribbons for entries in multiple categories that show the most Christmas spirit. Detailed to be ironed out later.
  • Paulette sent everything she has on previous Christmas parades to Dianne, including prospect list

Board of Director Insurance

  • Paulette to call Scott Johnson about Board of Director Insurance.


  • Paulette to set up telephone thru GoDaddy. Number will forward to Dianne until after the Christmas Parade.

What does the Chamber Do?

  • Short decision on updating the by-laws
  • Chamber’s responsibility is to promote and support business in the Aynor Area
  • The Town of Aynor responsibility is to bring people to town
  • Town of Aynor has a $7500 budget to help Town Event Committee

Membership Programs

  • Monthly programs are on hold until after the Harvest Hoe Down. Will revisit online training programs for Facebook, Quickbooks etc.

Events – Communications

  •  All events to be filtered thru Paulette to communicate. When submitting events, please include all written copy and images. Once “designed” Paulette will distribute to Website, Facebook and email.
  • Paulette to investigate EZ-Texting.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Paulette Johnson