Aynor Christmas Parade Rules and Regulations

After filling out the online application, you will be prompted to agree with the below rules and regulations with an e-signature.


2. We ask that you refrain from throwing candy or any kind of object to the viewers during the Aynor Christmas Parade due to liability and safety concerns. You may walk beside your unit and hand out candy.

3. All participants must be in their line-up position by 9:00 a.m.

4. All motorized vehicles must be driven by a driver with a valid driver’s license.

5. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO BE IN SANTA CLAUS COSTUMES. The one and only Santa Claus from the North Pole will be in attendance.

6. The Aynor Area Chamber of Commerce encourages the playing of festive music. The Aynor Parade is a family event for all religious denominations, so please refrain from giving or playing any type of sermon.

7. All groups must use creative costuming/decorations to meet the parade’s criteria of entertainment value.

8. The Aynor Christmas Parade maintains the right to control the type and number of participants in the parade.

9. Only the entry vehicle is allowed to drive to the parade line. You are responsible for informing your participants where to park and meet you at your entry.  Parking will be located at the Aynor Manor area and side streets.

10. All horse participates must be able to present a valid Coggins and proof of up to date shot record. All riders are responsible for their own insurance. You will not hold the Chamber liability for any damages to you or your horse. The Chamber’s event insurance only covers the parade on-lookers.

11. There is not an alternative rain date scheduled at this time